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Short Cycle Arc Stud Welding

Short-cycle welding is a stud welding process where the arc time is significantly reduced when compared to the standard drawn-arc weld time. Typically, the weld current (amperage) in increased to maintain a total weld energy similar to a standard weld. These parameters are adjusted to strike the optimal balance for the desired application.

Short-cycle welding is done for many reasons. It is useful in out of position welding (vertical wall or overhead). Because the arcing time is short, there is less time for gravity to cause the weld puddle to run. Also, short-cycle welding may eliminate the need for ferrules and/or shielding gas. Finally, short-cycle welding is often used on thin guage materials where longer arcing time would burn through the substrate material. The downside to short-cycle welding is that porosity may be introduced. A weld with porosity may not meet the strength requirements of the design intent.

Out of position Welding. Applications where ferrules and gas are not practical. Thin guage materials.

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