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Here you will find a complete variety of weld studs from standard threaded to unique application-specific studs. If you don't see what you need here, contact us to get exactly what you need.

Weld Studs

What Are Weld Studs?

Weld studs are cold formed and/or CNC machined metal parts that are designed to be stud welded to substrates made of similar metal. Weld studs can be threaded to be used as a fastener or unthreaded to be used as a pin or locator. They can be made from low-carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, and even nickel-iron alloys. Their diameters can range from approximately .100” (4mm) up to 1” (25mm), with lengths ranging from .25” (6mm) and up. They can be straight, bent and even have flanges and collars to be used as stand-offs, and can be internally tapped

Drawn Arc Weld Studs

Image offers a broad range of drawn arc weld studs to match any application that you need completed.

  • Full Thread — Fully threaded arc studs are the most common arc stud and are used in thousands of different applications
  • Partial Thread — Partially threaded weld studs provide more shear than the same size fully threaded stud
  • No Thread
  • Collar Studs — Collar Studs are usually used as standoffs for wire routing, plate spacing etc.
  • Full Base — Full base studs are used when maximum shear is needed for a given thread size
  • Reduced Base — Reduced base studs are used when the application design does allow clearance for the collar of weld flash/li>

CD Weld Studs

Our range of Capacitor Discharge weld studs includes mild steel and stainless steel studs, aluminum alloy studs, and lead-free brass studs. Our CD weld studs are available in the following forms, making them ready to be used in any type of CD welding project:

Construction Weld Studs

Image Industries’ offers a variety of construction weld studs that can be used for many construction projects. For example, our headed anchors can be used in concrete embedment projects while our shear connectors are ideal for bridge building projects.

Our selection of construction weld studs include:

  • Headed Anchors — Headed anchors are typically used in concrete embedment applications.
  • Shear Connectors — Shear connectors are used in building and bridge construction to handle shear loads of poured concrete flooring and road surfaces.
  • Deformed Bar Anchors — Deformed bars are weldable reinforcements in concrete applications.

Cable Management

Image offers a wide selection of weld-in-place cable management solutions. Our cable management solutions are an industry-leading approach that can improve the efficiency and throughput of any professional welding operation.

Our line of cable management products includes:

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