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Welders are a necessity in a wide variety of industries, and the shipbuilding industry is no exception. Shipbuilding manufacturers require stud welding products that can be fastened in little to no time, and last as long as the ship can sail. Image Industries is a leader in developing custom weld studs and equipment for shipbuilding, and can work with your organization to provide the exact stud welding products you need.

The Products We Provide For Shipbuilding

The main stud welding products we provide for shipbuilding applications include:

Gas Arc Stud Welding Products

Our gas arc stud welding products fit several shipbuilding applications.

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Products

We provide drawn arc stud welding products that can be used in the fabrication of metals for both the interior and exterior of ships.

Why Choose Image Industries For Stud Welding Products?

Shipbuilding demands the highest quality standards in its stud welding products, so it is no surprise that Image Industries is an industry leader. We are well-known for our ocean marine weld studs, stud welding equipment and related products, all manufactured in the U.S.A. and with complete lot traceability on all products.

For example, QuikLinx®, our innovative cable management solution was specifically designed for challenges like those found on large ships, which typically have thousands of miles of wires to control. Image Industries also provides such products as threaded weld studs and non-threaded weld studs, tapped bosses, hanger studs, collar studs, insulation caps and more.

Image Industries brings you:

  • Customization. We can produce weld studs from your preferred material including 316, HY80, HY100, Inconel & Monel.
  • Documentation. As a Military Tier 1 supplier, we can meet the exacting and critical requirements for documentation.
  • A Focus On Quality. We have ISO9000 certification and have received countless quality awards.
  • Cable Management Innovation. The QuikLinx® cable management solution reduces cost and increases operator safety with superior and flexible cable management.

Get Started With Stud Welding Products For Shipbuilding

Whether it is for a private cruise ship or a military aircraft carrier, Image Industries has the experience, products and technology to deliver a wide variety of unique stud welding products. For more information on the products we provide for shipbuilding applications, call Image Industries at (847) 603-2233 or request a quote online today.

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