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Welding Equipment Rental

Save time and money by renting professional-grade stud welding equipment.

Image Industries’ stud welding equipment rental services gives businesses instant access to high-quality and dependable welding gear. We offer an extensive inventory of welding equipment along with a responsive technical support team..

Whether you need an entire stud welding system or simply a power supply or weld tool for a day or for a month, we have the most convenient welding equipment rental programs available. We rotate stock frequently to ensure you receive up-to-date and reliable rental equipment from the top producers in the industry. As we update our inventory, we give our customers the opportunity to purchase used equipment at reduced rates.

Welding Equipment We Offer For Rental

Equipment to rent is just one call or visit away. We understand that sometimes you need the flexibility and speed that only rentals can provide. Our team is speedy and responsive and ensures that our clients receive only high-end, maximum-functionality machinery.

Our rental inventory of welding equipment includes:

  • Arc Stud Welding Systems
  • CD Stud Welding Systems
  • Cable Management Welding Systems
  • Versatile Power Supplies
  • Arc Stud Welding Guns
  • CD Stud Welding Tools
  • Extension and Grounding Cables

Benefits Of Renting Welding Equipment

If you are unsure of whether or not you want to buy or rent your welding equipment, considering the time, energy, and funds you have available are a huge factor. Renting welding equipment can help you get access to high-end, expensive machinery and accessories at a fraction of the tag price.

If you are on a tight budget, it may not be worth the expensive price tag to invest in owned equipment. Here are some big reasons why:

Yearly Access To New Equipment

With rentals, you can consistently rent the latest equipment at a fraction of the price it takes to own.

Save On Maintenance

As the years go by, that shiny new equipment will eventually need repairs and maintenance, which is often not a cheap endeavor. We’ve got a team of trained technicians that keep our rental machines running properly every time you use them. Without the inconvenience of welding machine maintenance, you can focus on the work you’re getting paid for.

Keep Up With Demand

It may be more cost-efficient to rent your equipment on an as-needed basis until you have enough work orders to justify investing in your own machinery. This will help you maintain your profits until the time comes when you are ready to upgrade. It will also help you get the machinery you need and to offer more flexible and creative services.

Rent Welding Equipment With Image Industries Today

At Image Industries, we strive to provide high-quality, well-serviced equipment that you can rely on to get the job done right. If you are tired of showing up on the job site with the used and damaged machinery, trust in Image Industries’ extensive rental fleet. Our job is to make your life a little easier and save you some money in the process. For more information, call Image Industries (866) 944-0335 or request a quote online today.

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