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Building Bonds For More Than 40 Years

Image Industries was founded in 1976 as a stud welding rep agency, but we soon grew into a full-scale manufacturing company. From the start we’ve been firmly committed to building lasting bonds with superior weld studs and equipment, and lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why we are not only dedicated to creating customized, unique and high-quality products, but also dependable, responsive and high-quality service.

We Are The Global Leader In Design And Manufacturing

Currently holding more than a dozen U.S. patents, we are the global leader in the design and manufacture of weld studs and stud welding equipment. Our imaginative, cost-effective solutions to fastening challenges include cold formed drawn arc weld fasteners, weldable cable management products, CNC machined hydraulic fittings and Bluearc headed anchors and shear connectors for the construction industry.

Our list of industry innovations is long; our successes many. They include:

  • Smart Weld™ digital arc stud welding equipment. These power supplies include a slew of proprietary stud welding advances like Auto Weld™, which enables operators to determine weld parameters simply by entering the fastener size and material type.
  • Customized hydraulic port weld studs that significantly improve the quality and speed of welding. These were voted one of the Top Technologies of the Year by the readers of SAE Off-Highway Engineering Magazine.
  • Collated ferrules for the construction industry that provide automatic, simple dispensing of ceramic ferrules on job sites
  • 12 different models of arc welding guns
  • The lightest CD welder in the industry
  • Hammer Mode, our exclusive stud welding innovation that enables welding through materials with rust, mill scale or even paint
  • "Tool-less" welding guns: equipment that can be adjusted quickly without the need for outside tools
  • Groundbreaking cable management solutions including QuikLinx®, our fast, flexible and affordable system that can be MIG or stud welded to solve even the most complex cable management challenges

Our innovative solutions have solved countless challenges across a a wide variety of industries, including applications from tractor implements to kitchen appliances to space vehicles. But for each and every solution, one thing remains constant: our dedication to building quality, lasting bonds.

Providing superior stud welding equipment and weld studs isn't enough. We also strive to deliver better service and unmatched expertise. And that's exactly what we've been doing for more than 40 years.

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Building lasting bonds since 1976.

Providing superior stud welding and stud welder parts and equipment isn't enough. We also strive to deliver better service and unmatched expertise. And that's exactly what we've been doing for more than 40 years.

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