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Bluearc: Innovative Stud Welding Products & Services All In One Place

Get it right. Get it fast. From headed concrete anchors to shear connectors to deformed bar anchors, the Bluearc of weld studs and accessories are designed specifically for the construction industry. Bluearc® by Image Industries' extensive inventory and product capabilities means we deliver the parts needed to get the job done right, and on time – even same-day or next day.

Headed Anchor Studs arrow_forward

Headed anchors are unthreaded fasteners with an upset head typically used in concrete embedment applications and designed to weld to flat surfaces or to the inside or outside angles of steel substrates.

All orders for headed anchor studs include the specified ferrule.

Shear Connectors arrow_forward

Shear connectors provide secure contact between a concrete floor and steel support beams. The shear connector studs we provide help reinforce steel in building and bridge construction to handle shear loads.

Deformed Bar Anchor (DBA) Studs arrow_forward

Deformed Bar Anchor (DBA) studs are used for weld and bearing plates in concrete connections. Similar to a weld stud, a deformed bar anchor is a fastener used for anchoring in concrete. The anchors are attached to steel via a drawn arc stud welding method

Stud Welding Equipment arrow_forward

Our stud welding systems are customizable and upgradable for your future growth. We also offer stud welding equipment rentals and repair.

Welding Accessories arrow_forward

The success of a project greatly depends on making proper prior measurements and efficient cable connections, so investing in the proper accessories can help you to improve the overall efficiency of your welding operation. Our line of welding accessories include chucks, through-deck accessories, feet, ferrule foot plates, and more.

Bluearc Stud Welding Solutions For Civil Construction

Stud welding is an important process that is involved in nearly every aspect of many civil construction projects. Our trained team of welding experts can assist with any size project and provide industry-leading products that are tailored to the sizes and specifications of your parts. Reach out to our friendly customer service team today to learn more about how Bluearc's® stud welding products can help your manufacturing organization reach new heights.

You can trust that our team has the skillset and experience necessary to carry out your civil construction welding specifications down to the last detail and in a timely manner. We employ the latest technologies and techniques to construct welding materials at the best cost to you.

Why Choose Bluearc For Your Project?

Some of the world’s largest structures are built with the types of headed anchor and shear connector weld studs that Bluearc manufactures. We provide products quickly — when you need them — that take care of all your construction welding studs and stud welding equipment needs. Our Bluearc Stud Welding line, which includes shear connectors, headed concrete anchors and deformed bar anchors, are commonly used in hospitals, stadiums, power plants, high rise buildings and more.

When it comes to construction welding, you must rely on uncompromising quality and dependability. No one delivers them better than Image industries. Image Industries brings you:

  • One-Day or Same-Day Shipping. We match one-day shipping or same-day shipping with our impressive inventory and production capacity to satisfy even the most demanding timetables.
  • Single Source. We have a wide range of weld stud supplies to ensure you have what you need to get the job done.
  • Cost-effective solutions to satisfy budget requirements.
  • Expertise. All AWS, CSA, ASHTO and DOT approvals needed.
  • Top Notch Service. We can service all your stud welding equipment regardless of the brand. Our quick response time helps ensure you maximize productivity and uptime.

Trust The Stud Welding Experts At Bluearc

Construction projects require precision and execution. This makes it imperative to work with welding professionals who have experience in this industry and understand the demands of small to large-scale construction projects. Image Industries is proud to be a trusted partner to the construction industry by providing technical expertise and proven welding products. Contact Image Industries for more information.

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At Image Industries, we offer a vast selection of welding products under the Bluearc brand. Our team of stud welding experts has years of experience providing manufacturers and welders with several products to meet their welding needs. 

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