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QuikLinx Arc Welding

Depending on the QuikLinx product selected, uses either standard drawn arc or short cycle welding processes. Because of the QuikLinx unique, cable management shape, there is no ferrule used. The flux Linx allows for longer arc times and deeper penetrations into the substrate. The short-cycle Linx provides a more cost affordable option.

The QuikLinx fastener provides a quick, easy solution for cable mangement. It offers 3 welding processes (MIG, Short-Cycle & Standard Drawn Arc) which makes it suitable for most any application. It can be hand welded with a MIG welder, installed one at a time via a standard stud welder or can be magazine fed with our patented QuikLink tool.

Most any application that requires the routing of cables can benefit from QuikLinx cable management. Some include: Earth moving equipment Generators Paving Equipment Over the Road Construction Equipment Cranes Trailers Ships The list goes on and on

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