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Drawn Arc, Capacitor Discharge & Quiklinx welding equipment

There is a wide range of equipment offered to meet all stud welding applications

Stud Welding Equipment

Advantages Of Using Stud Welding Equipment Provided By Image

Our selection of stud welding equipment consists of products that enable you to have success in a wide range of stud welding applications ranging from Drawn Arc stud welding systems to Capacitor Discharge (CD) systems to weld guns and extension cables. For additional weld stud products, see what else Image offers here.

Our inventory of stud welding equipment can help you reap the many benefits of using professional-grade equipment, including:

Fast Attachments

The stud welding method is impressively fast and efficient. This allows you to improve the efficiency of your workflow which helps to save money and time. Depending on which process and/or system you use, you can weld up to 60 studs per minute with Image stud welding equipment.

Powerful Results

The rapid nature of stud welding doesn’t equate to a loss of power or quality in the attachments made; in fact, the resulting weld between stud and parent material is stronger than the original components. Stud welding with the proper equipment is the ideal process for load-bearing materials, as the resulting weld is even stronger than the fastener stud or the substrate it is being welded to.


With stud welding you only need access to one side of the substrate material to successfully weld a fastener. This is a huge advantage compared to applying traditional fasteners or spot welding, both of which require access to both sides of the workpiece.

Stud Welding Equipment and Products

Our Drawn Arc and Capacitor Discharge (CD) equipment systems can be tailored to meet any welding application.

Drawn Arc Stud Welding Systems

We offer complete Drawn Arc stud welding systems that use the most commonly requested components. Image models range from standard duty to medium duty to heavy-duty.

QuikLinx® Weld Systems

We provide everything you need to get the system up and running with ease with our QuikLinx® weld system. The QuikLinx® system features our specialized auto-feed weld tools, as well as our innovative cable tie mounts that are built for rugged applications. The QuikLinx® cable tie mounting base welds in place in as fast as 0.2 seconds, with magazine-fed tool speeds of up to 16 mounts a minute.

CD Stud Welding Systems

Complete CD Welding Systems include our portable CD66 Contact System and our CD110 Contact or Gap Systems. The benefits of our Capacitor Discharge stud welding products include functional yet lightweight designs, minimal operator fatigue, fast recharge times, rapid welding action, and ultimate flexibility.

Custom Stud Welding Equipment

Image Industries can help manufacturers from a variety of industries develop custom stud welding equipment that enhances their production capabilities. When you need customized stud welding equipment and weld studs, Image Industries delivers — quickly and affordably! If you perform specialty welding services to a group of regular clients, it doesn’t make sense to just use standard metal sheets and components. Custom stud welding can help you maximize the efficiency of your operation and ensure that your welding procedures are completely optimized for speed and longevity. We not only deliver the highest quality customized stud welding equipment and parts, but we deliver them at exceptional value. No one else combines such impressive quality with competitive pricing. Everything we manufacture is made from high-grade materials and designed to offer years of excellent service.

Increased Precision

The precision you will attain from using our welding equipment will increase your efficiency, productivity, and your costs.

Longer Lifespan

The quality and craftsmanship we design into our rugged welding equipment ensures a longer lifespan t. Our equipment has been used in shops and in the field for decades, and is proven to help you avoid costly repairs.

Compatibility With In-House Equipment

Our stud welding equipment can be built to be compatible with your in-house manufacturing equipment and/or assembly line. Image Industries takes the time to best understand your processes and provide equipment that will significantly reduce production times.

Learn More About Image Industries Stud Welding Equipment

If you are in need of a specific type of stud welding equipment or are unsure which type you need, reach out to Image Industries. Our team of stud welding experts has years of experience providing manufacturers and welders with several products to meet their welding needs. For more information, call Image Industries at (847) 603-2233 or request a quote online today.

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