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Image Industries provides high-level welding products that are applicable to a wide range of industries. We serve clients from various heavy equipment industries and specialize as a manufacturer of original equipment. Our turnkey solutions address every stage of the welding and fastening process to ensure manufacturers get the products they need for industrial production and assembly.

Industries We Extend Our Welding Services To

While Image Industries can serve clients across nearly any industry, there are a few that we specialize in and provide specific products for. Discover the hardware-related industries we provide products for that support their unique fastening needs.

Civil Construction

The construction industry is responsible for the creation of all kinds of structures with varying sizes, levels of complexity. We understand these needs and the wide range of materials that construction projects typically require. We can help provide the welding products necessary to manufacture structurally sound frameworks and metals that will lead to durable and long-lasting buildings. Whether for infrastructure metals, structural welding, or industrial welding, we have you covered.

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Commercial Trucking

We provide hydraulic weld ports and arc studs that are built for commercial trucks. Our products can be used to secure the trim, components and other parts of a truck in a matter of seconds to ensure smooth trips on the road. Image also delivers stud welding equipment that can be used to manufacture large parts and secure electrical and hydraulic lines.

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Compact Construction & Agriculture

Large agricultural OEMs can trust our ability to provide fasteners and welding products for compact construction equipment. We provide structural support for a broad range of parts, from sprockets and bearings to hydraulic and fuel tanks.

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Cylinder Manufacturing

Cylinder manufacturing processes require heavy-duty weld studs, hydraulic ports and ceramic ferrules at exact specifications to get the job done right. Image Industries works with cylinder manufacturers to provide the stud welding equipment and accessories they need — no matter the size of the manufacturing operation.

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Electric Power

The electrical industry requires reliable and sturdy equipment in order to provide safe sources of power to communities. We understand the durability, precision, and care that goes into welding projects relating to the electrical industry.

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Food Service

Quality is critical when it comes to prototyping and producing metal components for food service applications — especially when they serve some of the largest food production and packaging companies in the world. We understand the clean and reliable products that food industry businesses require, which is why we have become known for our high quality and ready-for-use production quality. We ensure products are free of grooves, pits, divots, holes, pinholes, or craters, and can withstand potential corrosion from food processing and heavy-duty cleaning products.

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Industrial Fabrication

Mass production of everything from computer componentry to industrial machinery requires professional and detail-driven welding. Our ability to provide precise and heavy-duty fasteners make us the ideal solution for high-output manufacturing for industrial engineers.

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Image Industries has a proven track record in the supply of high-quality and innovative welding equipment and products to the nuclear industry. We understand that welding itself is the most critical operation in the construction of a nuclear power plant. Our teams always ensure that they are paying extra attention to nuclear-related projects through our thorough quality control processes. Our products meet the needs from the nuclear industry in terms of tight chemical compositions and product cleanliness, as well as strength and corrosion resistance.

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In order to be competitive in the shipbuilding business, you need maximum productivity, quality, and safety. Our products and services include ship-specific solutions that deliver benefits not found in competing products. Get better work done and produce a superior ship for your customers using Image Industries welding services.

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What To Expect With Image Industries

At Image Industries, we strive to always exceed what is expected of your order specifications.The advantages of working with our team of experts include:

Consistent Quality

Producing well-constructed, durable parts is our number one priority, and we strive to meet our customers’ expectations. With our certifications, inspections, material traceability, calibrated equipment and temperature-controlled lab, we create parts you can count on.


Our rigorous and detailed shipping processes have helped us become a reliable source of welding services and products.


With over 40 years of experience, we have proven ourselves as a trusted supplier to a diverse array of industries.


Our fabricators take pride in their work and strive to do right by our customers every time. With our commitment to continuous improvement, we consistently increase quality while decreasing costs.

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Image Industries invests in building relationships with our clients by understanding their needs and creating parts they can trust. As your contract manufacturing company, we can meet and exceed your expectations. For more information, call Image Industries at (866) 944-0335 or request a quote online to get started with our professional welding products and services today.

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