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Cold Forming

Are you looking for a trusted supplier of cold formed parts?

What is Cold Forming

Cold forming — a metal forming/fabrication process where room temperature material is forced into a die to create a three dimensional net shape, metal part or component— is one of our specialties. Because cold forming forces are very high (500 ton), an infinite number of shapes can be created, all at very high production speeds.

Cold formed parts can also be produced very economically, even at relatively low volumes, compared to additive or subtractive machining processes.

The Benefits Of Using Cold Formed Parts

Cold forming and using cold formed parts has significant benefits over other metalworking processes. Some of the advantages of cold formed parts include:

Creation Of Complex Shapes

Cold forming can be used to create complex metal shapes, and can sometimes involve assembling two or more pieces into a single part.

Minimal Scrap

Because there is no cutting necessary to achieve the desired form, cold formed parts produce almost no waste.

Stronger Components

Cold forming can raise the tensile strength of the component, and because there is typically no cutting as in a screw machine process, there are no stress risers or fracture points.

High Speed Manufacturing

Cold forming is an extremely economical manufacturing method, as parts can be produced at up to and many times over 120 pieces/min. In comparison, screw machining and other processes manufacture components at speeds of 10-40 parts/min. This production advantage translates into cost savings for you.

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Image Industries offers industry-leading cold forming to manufacture custom metal parts that you can depend on. Our team of experts is intimately familiar with the process and strives to provide our knowledge to our valued clients. For more information, call Image Industries at (847) 603-2233 or request a quote online today.

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