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Capacitive Discharge Contact Stud Welding

Contact CD welding places the ignition tip in contact with the substrate to be welded. The contact CD tool puts pressure behind the fastener being welded. When the weld sequence is initiated, high levels of current pass through the small ignition tip. The current density exceeds the current handling capability of the ignition tip and it vaporizes. This creates a weld arc. The pressure behing the fastener drives the fastener into the rapidly formed weld puddle. Times of 8-12 milliseconds are common for this process. This is the most widely used capacitive discharge weld process.

This CD weld process is easy to use. Easy for operators to understand and properly set up the weld equipment.

Providing quick welds on lightweight or thin gauge materials with little to no distortion, CD welding can be used for: jewelry, hardware, cookware, electrical, houseware, electrical/electronic, and doors.

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