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Cable Management Made Easy

There are different options on the market to address cable management in all types of different applications. When running cable on heavy machinery, installing cable tie mounts is a relatively simple process as the cable tie mounting base can be easily attached to the surface to keep the cables secured and prevent damage that could compromise the machinery.

When installing on metal surfaces, at least in the past, cable tie bases have been a problem to attach to the surface in a way that is durable, reliable and quick. Thanks to the team at Image Industries, we now offer cable management using arc stud welding technology with their new QuikLinx hand-held weld tool.

The Process

Instead of using a weld stud, screw, or adhesive, it is possible to install high-tech QuikLinx metal cable tie mounts almost instantly with arc stud welding technology. With different options and designs, including those for use with short cycle and gas arc stud weld processes, these cable tie holder designs can be applied in a fraction of a second, providing a solid weld between the mount and the metal surface. With the ability to apply these using a stud weld system at about 3 seconds per cable tie mount, this is a cost effective, fast, and easy way to run a cable across structural components that were extremely challenging to work with in the past.

These small sized mounts come with the wings that allow for the cable tie to be inserted through the mount to hold the cable or cable assembly solidly in place. Additionally, we provide the option of a single shot system, which is ideal for lower volume applications for metal cable tie mounts, or a magazine fed system that is effective for rapid and exclusive installation of the tie mounts.

To learn more about the QuickLinx system, give us a call today at 800-722-7883. We also sell conversion systems for your current stud welder.

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