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Image offers a range of weld in place cable management solutions. You won't this range of problem solving solutions anywhere else.

Cable Management Products

Types Of Cable Management Products We Offer

We offer weld-in-place cable management solutions that help you solve a range of difficult issues that come up when preparing your workflow and gathering the necessary accessories. If you are looking to run a well-functioning, seamless welding operation, then you need to invest in quality cable management gear.

QuikLinx® Cable Management

QuikLinx is a cable management solution designed to make cable management simple and easy. Managing stray cables is a problem that is hard to ignore as they begin to pile up around your workstation and take away from your time and focus. This is why we created a management solution that is easy, affordable, and most importantly, effective. These innovative cable tie mounts are built for rugged applications that can fit any need, any design, and any budget. The QuikLinx cable tie mounting base welds in place in as fast as 0.2 seconds, with magazine-fed tool speeds of up to 16 mounts a minute.

QuikLinx cable tie mounts can help to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Lower labor costs
  • Complete low, mid, and high volume applications

QuikLinx is the simple, environmentally friendly cable management solution that we have developed to help you get rid of cable issues and run your operations more effectively.

CD Wire Tie Studs

Capacitor Discharge (CD) wire tie studs are the superior option for securing cable tie bases as compared to common adhesives or screws. Their use ranges across a variety of workplace environments, from cables for heavy machinery to standard desk space equipment. They offer quick wire security so you can focus on work without worrying about causing damage or accidents.

HD Wire Tie Studs

Heavy Duty (HD) wire tie-down studs are ideal for any type of wire assembly, ranging from heavy-duty construction to the everyday needs of welders. Our HD wire tie-down studs can be welded through paint and provide a secure fasten that will not need to be reinstalled over time.

CD Ground Studs

CD ground studs can be used wherever a ground touchpoint is required. Our CD ground studs are designed to make it easy to establish a ground connection where you need it.

Speak With Image Industries About Cable Management

If you are in need of a specific type of cable management product or are unsure which type you need, reach out to Image Industries. Our team of stud welding experts has years of experience providing manufacturers and welders with several products to meet their welding needs. For more information, call Image Industries at (866) 944-0335 or request a quote online today.


Cable management has been a problem for as long as there have been cables. But now, there is a breakthrough cable management solution that is fast, affordable and simple.

Introducing QuikLinx. These innovative, weldable cable mounts are built for rugged applications but can fit any need, any design and any budget. The QuikLinx cable mounting base (called Linx) welds in place in as fast as 0.2 seconds and can accommodate any bundle combination of cables, tubes and/or hoses up to 2.25” (60mm) in diameter.

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