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Stud Welds Set High Standards in International Food Services Sectors

International food services regulatory agencies set and maintain the standards for food services systems, to both protect the public health and prevent food-borne transmissions of infections and diseases. The NSF International agency (formerly National Sanitation Foundation) works with manufacturers, regulators and the food services industry in virtually all sectors of the globe to evaluate and certify hygienic and sanitary food-related products and systems. Governments and commercial enterprises both rely upon the NSF mark as proof that goods and systems accessed by the public in their location will function properly and pose no threat to consumers.

The Hyper-Competitive Food Services Industry

Meanwhile, the international food services industry has never been so competitive. The internet has connected food industry manufacturers to off-shore producers of food service products and systems, and the resulting battle for market share has reduced prices and narrowed every competitive edge. To remain in business, profitable and safe, many manufacturers and food service purveyors have turned to Image Industries to ensure their serving units and food prep systems are both compliant with national standards and attractive to their patron's tastes.

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Maintaining High Standards

Image Industries offers advanced techniques in stud welding to customers producing food service equipment. Stud welding moves extremely fast, with each fastening occurring in less than one second. It connects metal to metal on one side only; leaving the opposite side unmarred and with its original finish unaltered. Cold-formed parts can be crafted with stud welds to accommodate any style or design. Enclosures, grills, bar carts, soft serve ice cream and display assemblies are but a few items built with weld studs. Stud welds are strong and reliable and can withstand the wear and tear that is typical of today's fast-moving food service providers.

Stud Welded Machinery is Ubiquitous

Chances are if you've eaten in any restaurant lately, your food was made with or served through stud-welded appliances and machines. Salad bar sneeze shields, ketchup and soft serve ice cream dispensers, and stainless steel serving tables are all examples of stud welded food service apparatuses that you see every day. Behind the scenes are the dishwashers, ovens, stoves, grills and refrigerators that routinely and reliably heat and cool food, keeping it safe and healthy to eat also use stud welding.

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Image's Impact on the Food Industry

Food regulation agencies approve Image Industries' products because our stud welded fasteners comply with NSF standards around the world. Restaurants, industrial kitchens, and regular consumers like food service products manufactured with Image weld studs because devices function well and fit beautifully into any surrounding. Contact Image Industries today to learn more

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