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Stud Weld Guns: Production Weld Heads Vs. Hand Held Models

Stud welding is used across a wide range of applications from the manufacturing of stainless steel kitchen appliances through to the building of bridge decks or even the construction of tankers and military ships. At Image Industries, we provide stud welding equipment to our customers across this spectrum of industries. With our drawn arc and Capacitor Discharge (CD) stud weld systems, we have the equipment and the materials needed for any type of job. As the process of stud welding has evolved, so has the demand for our systems to include equipment that can be used for automated types of fabrication and manufacturing systems. We have responded by providing a line of production weld heads as well as hand held stud weld guns. Understanding the differences between the two can be helpful in determining which option is best for your needs.

Production Weld Heads

stud welder at nightWhen it comes to stud weld guns, the production weld heads are the most advanced. They are fully automated and can be integrated with your system. In addition, the production heads can be used in groups to speed up stud welding process.

Different options in these production weld heads will allow for automatic positioning and manual loading or a fully automated positioning and feed system. Both are effective with the manual load options less costly but also requiring a human operator. As expected, the automated feed systems are fully programmable.

Hand Held Models

stud welderFor flexibility and versatility, it is hard to imagine a better option than our hand-held stud weld guns. We offer both CD and drawn arc options and, with the drawn arc systems, we offer six different models of varying grades to match your application.

Of course, our hand-held models work best with Image Industries power sources and cables, but we also offer connection adapters for use with competitors’ equipment. They are built to be precise, easy to operate and offer a quality of manufacturing that can stand up to any application.

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To learn more about Image Industries’ line of stud weld guns, get in touch with us at 800-722-7883. We would be happy to answer your questions and ensure you get the right stud gun for your needs.

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