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Q & A: Why Doesn't Image Industries Publish List Prices for Stud Welding Equipment?


Why doesn't Image publish list prices for stud welding equipment?


Image industries does not list prices as a benefit to our end user. The client who buys stud welding equipment from a dealer or even directly from us might have varying prices based on the type of purchase.

In many cases, Image's (as well as other manufacturers') list prices do not accurately reflect the price a company would pay for stud welding machines. Instead, the list price is used as a basis to calculate a dealer's purchase price (a dealer's price is calculated as a percentage off the stated list price). From this point, a dealer would determine their required profit, and develop a "retail price" for the machine. As different dealers have different profit requirements depending on their "value added" services, it is typically useful for the end-user to carefully consider everything he/she is receiving for a given price.

In many cases, the lowest price isn't the best deal. Therefore, comparing list prices to street prices usually does not provide useful information to companies.

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