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How To Stud Weld Through Paint

Normally, no one would think of being able to stud weld through paint. The usual procedure is to grind a bare metal spot on which to weld. Everyone knows a good electrical connection is necessary for a welding arc to form.

5 Steps To Stud Welding Through Paint

There are six essential steps to create a strong stud welded bond through paint. Read more about these tips and tricks below!

1. Use Welding Equipment Specifically Designed for Chipping Through Paint

Using the proper stud welding equipment is the first step of the process. Image’s family of Smart Weld™ Digital ARC Stud Welding Equipment has a special mode called the Hammer Mode for painted surfaces. Normally, a stud weld system lifts the stud off the work, holds the stud in the lifted position for the prescribed arcing time and then drops (plunges) the stud back to the weld zone.

Image’s Smart Weld™ power supplies are more sophisticated. When the trigger is pressed on an Image stud welder, the welder checks for continuity, in other words a good electrical connection. If no good welding circuit is detected and hammer mode is turned on, the system lifts the special, pointed stud off the work piece and drops it back into position. This lift/drop motion allows the sharp point of the stud to penetrate scaly, rusty or painted surfaces to ensure a secure weld.

2. Spray The Painted Metal With Weld-Thru Primer

Weld-Thru Primer is a special type of primer that is made to protect metal from corrosion during the welding process. Before spraying the metal you plan on welding, make sure it is thoroughly clean so the primer properly adheres. After the area has been cleaned and dried, spray the Weld-Thru Primer on just like you would any other primer.

3. Acquire Weld Studs With Sharp-Pointed Tips

At Image Industries, we manufacture Hammer Weld Studs in either low-carbon steel or stainless steels with a tip sharp enough to pierce most e-coat paint layers. The sharp tip effectively serves as a small, one use, center punch tool.

4.Weld the Hammer Stud After the Paint is Removed

Once the Smart Weld™ power supply in conjunction with the sharp tipped Hammer Weld Stud has adequately removed the paint layer to create electrical continuity with the workpiece, it is able to weld the stud.

5. Watch Out For Paint Catching On Fire

Remain vigilant when welding a painted surface as the paint around the welding surface can easily catch on fire. The fire may not be visible from the top surface of the welding project, make sure to check the bottom portion for indicators of a fire too.

To avoid welding fires, cool the welding surface first to minimize the chance of after burn and check your welds as soon as you finish them for any signs of fire.

Acquire Custom Weld Studs And Equipment From Image Industries

If you are interested to learn more about the process, welding equipment or weld studs best suited for your application get in touch with us here or call us at 800-722-7883!

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