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Grounding - There Has to Be a Better Way!

Almost everything built today has some sort of electronics. The items that are grounded are enclosures (cabinet and the door), cars, earthmoving equipment, appliances almost anything you can think of has grounds to the chassis. The electronics in these devices need to be electrically grounded to make sure they operate at the correct voltage levels and to prevent spurious electrical noise from entering the sensitive electronics.

Historically, grounding has been accomplished in many different ways:

  • A hole drilled with a grounding stud through bolted
  • An extra tab welded to the structure with a cross drilled hole
  • A threaded stud welded in place
  • A drilled and tapped hole

While all of these approaches certainly work, none are particularly elegant and some are very costly. There has got to be a better way.

Our ideal grounding solution would be:

  • Quick to install (low labor cost).
  • Inexpensive (piece cost).
  • Reliable (welded joint vs friction).
  • Easy to mask for painting.
  • Offer quick connection for wire harness installation

Image Industries offers a Capacitor Discharge weld stud that welds in place in less than one second, is low cost and has an industry standard male ¼” quick connect. The industry standard quick connect allows for easy masking and for simple and reliable harness connections.

Capacitor Discharge Weld Stud installation is simple. The operator inserts the special quick connect grounding stud into the stud welding tool chuck. The operator places the tool against the work, presses the trigger and in 1/10 of a second the grounding stud is welded in place for a secure connection that will not loosen over time.

This solution is low cost, reliable and quick. It also has an elegant, professional appearance that shines.

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