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Q & A: Dampening, What Is It Good For?

March 30, 2015

Dampening, when used in connection with drawn arc stud welding equipment, refers to the slowing down or deceleration of the plunging action of your stud gun. Plunging action? What’s that? Plunging action is the final motion of the stud gun. The stud gun holds the fastener in place and, during the weld, it draws or lifts the stud off the work piece allowing an arc to be formed between the bottom of the stud and the work piece. The stud gun holds the stud in a lifted position for the weld time and then plunges or drops the stud into the molten weld puddle on the work piece. This dropping action is often referred to as "plunge".

So how does dampening fit in with plunge?

Like a kid doing a cannon ball into a swimming pool, a stud dropping into molten steel can create a big splash. While cannon balls at the swimming pool are fun, splashing molten steel can be dangerous and can result in poor quality welds. Therefore, Image Industries has designed dampening mechanisms into their drawn arc stud guns. This dampening mechanism is essentially a shock absorber and slows the rate of decent of the plunging mechanism. This slower rate of decent prevents the splash that might otherwise be created. This allows for safer welding and for better quality welds.

When do you use a dampener?

The following table provides guidelines on the use of dampeners...

Click table for larger view.

So, depending on your application, there are dampening options available to make sure your stud welding is safe and successful. Visit this page to learn more about our drawn arc equipment. Or, need to train your weld operators on the dampening process? Image Industries offers on-site training and one-on-one instruction - Register today!

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