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When Should I Use Stud Welding?

February 27, 2015

Not all processes serve all applications. It is important to match the process to the application in order to achieve maximum performance for minimum cost. So, when is it a good idea to use stud welding?

Stud welding is perfect for cosmetic applications, where you need strength, or for faster application speeds. First, since stud welding is a single sided fastening process, it lends itself well to cosmetic applications like ATM machines, elevator buttons, and cook tops. Stud welding is a great choice for anywhere you do not want to have visible fasteners.

Additionally, the one sided nature of stud welding also lends itself well to tamper proof applications. Finally, the one sided nature of stud welding lends itself well to large structures. Some other processes, such as resistance welding, require access to both sides of the work piece. In large structures like ships or heavy equipment this is not possible. The single sided nature of stud welding solves these problems. Likewise, if strength is a concern, stud welding is an excellent choice. 

Unlike bolts with a peripheral weld or “clinch” fasteners that are pressed in place, stud welds are full cross-sectional welds and can achieve very high strength values. Additionally, because the stud welding process is a full cross sectional weld, it can function in leak proof applications such as hydraulic fittings. Another consideration is application speed. Stud welding times range from .006 to 1.25 seconds depending on the size of the fastener.

In today’s manufacturing environment, labor costs are often the highest cost component of an assembly. If an application uses drilling and through-hole bolting or uses drilling and tapping, then stud welding would represent a significant cost savings.

Further, stud welding can be automated. Fasteners can be automatically fed to the weld head. The weld head can be mounted with hand held tools or robotically. Either way, speeds of 30 fasteners per second are possible. Whether it is aesthetics, strength, tamper resistance, accessibility or speed, stud welding may be a solution for your application. Explore the Image Industries stud welding section to learn more and find the products and tools you need for your project!

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