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Serving Quality to the Food Service Industry

Stainless steel is one of our specialities, and we have the skill to address the stringent requirements of the food service industry, including NSF requirements.

Not only is the NSF requirement critical, but Image Industries understands how demanding your customers are regarding the appearance of their products. We produce stud welding equipment to the highest aesthetic and quality standards.

Image Industries brings you: 

  • Exceptional Variety. We always have a wide range of in-stock weld studs in carbon and stainless steel to meet your design and production requirements.
  • Customization. Our custom-engineered, innovative solutions solve your specific design challenges.
  • On-Site Service and Operator Training. On-site service and training minimize operator and stud welding equipment problems, and maximize production and quality.

Building lasting bonds since 1976.

Providing superior stud welding and stud welder parts and equipment isn't enough. We also strive to deliver better service and unmatched expertise. And that's exactly what we've been doing for more than 40 years.

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